CHO-BOND 1029 is a two-component, silver-plated copper-filled, silicone adhesive formulated for flexible, strong, and electrically conductive bonds.

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Additional Information

  • CHO-BOND 1029 is designed for applications where a flexible, strong, conductive electrical bond must be achieved.
  • CHO-BOND 1029 greatly simplifies the problem of bonding conductive silicone EMI gaskets to metal substrates.
  • CHO-BOND 1029 is formulated for relative small bond-lines (less than .010 inches).
  • CHO-BOND 1029 can cure in as little as 30 minutes and can be used on overhead or vertical surfaces.
  • For best adhesion, CHO-BOND 1029 should be used in conjunction with the CHO-SHIELD 1085 Primer.
  • Typical applications include bonding, repair, and attachment of EMI gaskets, and sealing around EMI vents and windows.