CHO-SHIELD 610 is a three-component, electrically conductive silver-plated copper filled epoxy EMI paint that provides a cost effective and environmentally stable EMI shield on plastics and composite substrates.

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Additional Information

  • CHO-SHIELD 610 has great adhesion to a variety of substrates, making it a good choice for chemical resistant plastics or other hard to adhere to substrates.
  • CHO-SHIELD 610 is a cost-effective EMI solutions for applications where good EMI shielding and electrical conductivity are required.
  • CHO-SHIELD 610 demonstrates exceptional environmental stability, maintaining electrical conductivity, adhesion and abrasion resistance when subjected to high and low temperature extremes, high humidity, and salt fog environments.
  • Typical applications include: military and commercial electronic enclosures, missile cannisters, man portable electronics, radar systems, avionic boxes, engines, and aluminum flanges and structures.