The CHO-SHIELD 2000-series coatings are three-part, copperfilled urethane coating systems which have been formulated
with special additives and stabilizers to maintain their electrical stability even at elevated temperatures which prevent
aluminum surfaces from corroding in high humidity and/or marine environments.

CHO-SHIELD 2003 is a dark pigmented version of CHO-SHIELD 2001.

This product is designed to be used in conjunction with the CHO-SHIELD 1091 Primer which is included in all but the  ** touch up ** kit.

CHO-SHIELD 2003 is typically stocked or readily available for shipment.

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Additional Information

  • CHO-SHIELD 2003 contains soluble chromates to minimize the effects of galvanic corrosion of the aluminum substrate, even in the event of a coating scratch.
  • Protects aluminum and graphite composite airframes from corrosion.
  • Significantly more cost effective than silver filled epoxies.
  • No degradation of shielding effectiveness after 500 hours of salt fog.
  • Typical applications include military vehicles, airframes, and flange/mating joints.