THERM-A-FORM CIP35 is a two-component, thermally conductive, dispensable compound with a 3.5W/m-k thermal conductivity.

CIP35 is a versatile liquid that can be hand or robotically dispensed. This material can be cured into complex geometries for cooling multi-height components on a printed circuit board (PCB) eliminating the need and expense of a molded sheet.

CIP35 is designed to cool electronics without excessive compressive force.

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Additional Information

  • THERM-A-FORM CIP35 is available is ready-to-use cartridge systems, eliminating¬† weighing, mixing, and degassing procedures.
  • THERM-A-FORM CIP35 is conformable to irregular shapes without excessive force on components.
  • THERM-A-FORM CIP35 comes in a variety of kit sizes and configurations including: handheld twin-barrel cartridges, SEMCO tubes, and pneumatic applicators.
  • THERM-A-FORM CIP35 has a long shelf life, with no settling or degradation of cure.