THERM-A-GAP GEL 20 is a moderate performance, one component, fully cured, dispensable thermal interface material with 2.4 W/m-k thermal conductivity.

THERM-A-GAP GEL 20’s heavy paste-like consistency enables controlled dispensing that can be applied in variable thicknesses up to 4mm to suit application needs.  GEL 20 requires low compression forces to deform under assembly pressure.

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  • THERM-A-GAP GEL20 is easily dispensable and does not require a secondary curing.
  • THERM-A-GAP GEL20’s typical applications include: Automotive Electronic Control Units (ECUs), Converter & Inverter & OBS, ADAS Module, Vehicle Infotainment, Power Supplies & Semiconductors, Memory & Power Modules, Microprocessors, Graphics Processors, Flat Panel Displays, and Consumer Electronics.