CHO-BOND 1030 is a one-component, silver-plated copper-filled silicone adhesive ideal for thin bond lines and bonding silicone EMI gaskets to metal substrates.

CHO-BOND 1030 is typically stocked or readily available for shipment.

The 6 oz (454 gram) SEMCO cartridge can be dispensed using the SEMCO 250-A pneumatic gun. Additional information regarding dispensing can be found here.

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Additional Information

  • No volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and minimal shrinkage upon curing make CHO-BOND 1030 a good choice for a variety of commercial and military applications.
  • CHO-BOND 1030’s moisture-cure silicone polymer system allows it to cure to the touch in 24 hours and provides a robust conductive bond over a wide range of application temperatures.
  • CHO-BOND 1030 is a medium paste making it suitable for application on overhead and vertical surfaces.
  • Typical applications include bonding, repair, and attachment of EMI gaskets, and sealing around EMI vents and windows.
  • For best results, CHO-BOND 1030 should be used in conjunction with CHO-SHIELD 1086 Primer.