The CHO-SHIELD 1091 adhesion promotor for conductive polyurethane coatings is an air-drying liquid coating used to improve the adhesion of the CHO-SHIELD 2001, 2002, and 2003 electrically conductive coatings and the CHO-BOND 2165 electrically conductive sealant to chemically treated aluminum, and most composite surfaces.

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  • Using CHO-SHIELD 1091 primer prior to the application of CHO-SHIELD 2001, CHO-SHIELD 2002, and CHO-SHIELD 2003 coatings and the CHO-BOND 2165 sealant ensures optimal adhesion to the substrate eliminating the possibility of re-work due to adhesion issues.
  • The red-tint of CHO-BOND 1091 enhances visual inspection.

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