CHO-SHIELD 2056 is a one-component, electrically conductive, silver and silver-plated copper filled acrylic EMI shielding paint designed for high levels of EMI shielding on plastic substrates.

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Additional Information

  • CHO-SHIELD 2056 is ideal for use on medical electronic enclosures and assemblies which require high level, reliable EMI shielding performance and may benefit from silvers’ antimicrobial properties.
  • The excellent electrical conductivity of the CHO-SHIELD 2056 coating allows for thinner applied coatings, saving time and money in processing.
  • CHO-SHIELD 2056 is a cost-effective solution for electronic enclosures and assemblies which require high levels of EMI shielding and conductivity.
  • CHO-SHIELD 2056 can be applied with standard spray equipment, no expensive capital equipment required.
  • CHO-SHIELD 2056 dries at room temperature.
  • Typical applications for CHO-SHIELD 2056 include high levels of EMI shielding, anti-static protection, surface grounding, and coating of ABS, PC/ABS, and many other types of plastic enclosures.