CHO-BOND 1019 is a two-component, silver-plated aluminum-filled, polythioether sealant formulated for the EMI shielding of gaps and seams in military shelters and electrical enclosures.

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Additional Information

  • CHO-BOND 1019’s silver-plated aluminum filler provides excellent corrosion resistance and is designed for galvanic compatibility with aluminum substrates.
  • CHO-BOND 1019 offers excellent fluid and fuel resistance to jet fuels, de-icing solutions, hydraulic fuels, and more.
  • CHO-BOND 1019 is silicone free and does not require a primer.
  • CHO-BOND 1019 cures to the touch in 24 hours and offers a robust conductive and environmental seal over a wide range of application temperatures.
  • Typical applications include: ballistics and guided weaponry; ground transport vehicles; military shelters and containers; plane, drones and helicopters; and defense radar systems.